Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beware VonnsCreations!

I ordered from Vonns Creations a beautiful Green/yellowish colored tissue paper that I wanted to craft with. This is a shop that I had featured in my previous blog post, raving about the paper choices, and how cheap it was! I had ordered my product on the 29th of June, and sent the shop owner (on Etsy) on the 6th of July asking if she had shipped my order. Granted this shop is based out of Canada, so I had to make sure that the postal strike was done for good. Which it had been.) So I had emailed her asking when she would ship my product. no reply. I asked again saying, Its been a few days since I've emailed, I wanted to check and make sure everything was okay .. STILL no reply.

Looking on her Updated list, she had new listings the day after I had emailed her the first time! Yet she couldn't email me back? So I did what any buyer would do, and that is to start a Paypal dispute!.  After waiting all that time, I got my money back (still no reply/answer from vonnscreations) on July 16th. 

During all of this, I kept checking her Etsy to see if there were any other people having to go through the same thing I did, Only to see other negative reviews. After the 2nd negative review, She completely took everything out of her shop and Abandoned the account. She does however state on there that she has 2 other accounts, which have negative feedback as well, saying that there is no communication with the seller and that they didn't receive their product.  Those accounts are:  prettydecorandmore And GlamorousBabyDesigns.  

Its very saddening to me when I have to call a company out, but NO customer service and no product? That's pretty much like going into my house and stealing right in front of me. I cant help but tell other people so that they have the knowledge ahead of time!. I am going to start googling each company to see if there are any good or bad reviews. I relied on Etsy's feedback system which is flawed because you don't see who is making the purchase OR leaving the feedback. Ebay you can at least see that its not the seller blowing smoke up their profile! Anyway, I'm done ranting for the night. I will be doing a review on the company that i had ordered from after paypal gave me a refund. Hopefully they will be a bit faster than VonnsCreations. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scrap Wood..

Alrighty, so I have 2 pieces that I need to vamp up otherwise they will be turned into junk wood later if I cant fix it.. :( 

Okay so here is the first project that I'm going to be doing! I already purchased the paper for it off of an etsy shop and I'm just waiting for that to come in.  Right now I'm just going to prep the candle sticks! I'll be sand papering the bajeezies out of them after i fill in any cracks or imperfections in the wood (bought them at a yard sale for 50 cents!).

I've had these for about 3 years now and I hated them because of the fact that the whole wood thing was just so drab!
As you can see in this photo, the bottoms are blah. they are cute, perfect for mod podging! Here is the link to the shop that I bought the paper from: VonnsCreations and here is the listing for her sample color pack! This is where you will find the color I purchased :) Which is : LIMON

Okay so from this shop, for 15 sheets from a certain color she charges 3.00.  Since she is a Canada store, I paid 5.60? I think, either way I would say for a 20"x30" sheet of paper that is a pretty darn good deal!

Let me know what you guys think of this idea?! I think it would look cute and spring like! :) 

The second project that I'm going to be doing, well. When I was a little girl.  My mother told me about how she had a "hope chest".  It was where she was going to put all of her plates, silverware and any nic nacs she needed to make her house a "home". So when I came of age, she got me one! it was definitely not something to give to a 12 year old because of the fact that it went through many years of hell! haha. Apart from the general wear and tear from life of a teenage girl, moving from place to place with it, and having a dog that wanted to chew on it. The veneer came off of some parts of it. :( it was very depressing really. Here are pictures of the chest! :)
 As you can see the top is all scratched up. Beautiful detail with the veneer but since its so old, its peeling like crazy! :( 
 Dont even ask me what that C shaped thing is! i somehow scratched it, oh wait! now that I think about it, that very well could be where I stuck a cotton ball with nail polish remover on it! :( Silly girls! ugh haha. As you can see, I'll have to sand it all down anyway because that one edge is kind of rough!
My favorite part of the whole thing!, this detail on the front is so adorable so I will definitely have to make it cleaner when I sand it. I want to preserve this as much as possible. As for the key hole, I'm going to research where I can get a new one because this didnt come with a key! its going to get all new hardware so I'm definitely going to have fun with it! :)