Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beware VonnsCreations!

I ordered from Vonns Creations a beautiful Green/yellowish colored tissue paper that I wanted to craft with. This is a shop that I had featured in my previous blog post, raving about the paper choices, and how cheap it was! I had ordered my product on the 29th of June, and sent the shop owner (on Etsy) on the 6th of July asking if she had shipped my order. Granted this shop is based out of Canada, so I had to make sure that the postal strike was done for good. Which it had been.) So I had emailed her asking when she would ship my product. no reply. I asked again saying, Its been a few days since I've emailed, I wanted to check and make sure everything was okay .. STILL no reply.

Looking on her Updated list, she had new listings the day after I had emailed her the first time! Yet she couldn't email me back? So I did what any buyer would do, and that is to start a Paypal dispute!.  After waiting all that time, I got my money back (still no reply/answer from vonnscreations) on July 16th. 

During all of this, I kept checking her Etsy to see if there were any other people having to go through the same thing I did, Only to see other negative reviews. After the 2nd negative review, She completely took everything out of her shop and Abandoned the account. She does however state on there that she has 2 other accounts, which have negative feedback as well, saying that there is no communication with the seller and that they didn't receive their product.  Those accounts are:  prettydecorandmore And GlamorousBabyDesigns.  

Its very saddening to me when I have to call a company out, but NO customer service and no product? That's pretty much like going into my house and stealing right in front of me. I cant help but tell other people so that they have the knowledge ahead of time!. I am going to start googling each company to see if there are any good or bad reviews. I relied on Etsy's feedback system which is flawed because you don't see who is making the purchase OR leaving the feedback. Ebay you can at least see that its not the seller blowing smoke up their profile! Anyway, I'm done ranting for the night. I will be doing a review on the company that i had ordered from after paypal gave me a refund. Hopefully they will be a bit faster than VonnsCreations. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scrap Wood..

Alrighty, so I have 2 pieces that I need to vamp up otherwise they will be turned into junk wood later if I cant fix it.. :( 

Okay so here is the first project that I'm going to be doing! I already purchased the paper for it off of an etsy shop and I'm just waiting for that to come in.  Right now I'm just going to prep the candle sticks! I'll be sand papering the bajeezies out of them after i fill in any cracks or imperfections in the wood (bought them at a yard sale for 50 cents!).

I've had these for about 3 years now and I hated them because of the fact that the whole wood thing was just so drab!
As you can see in this photo, the bottoms are blah. they are cute, perfect for mod podging! Here is the link to the shop that I bought the paper from: VonnsCreations and here is the listing for her sample color pack! This is where you will find the color I purchased :) Which is : LIMON

Okay so from this shop, for 15 sheets from a certain color she charges 3.00.  Since she is a Canada store, I paid 5.60? I think, either way I would say for a 20"x30" sheet of paper that is a pretty darn good deal!

Let me know what you guys think of this idea?! I think it would look cute and spring like! :) 

The second project that I'm going to be doing, well. When I was a little girl.  My mother told me about how she had a "hope chest".  It was where she was going to put all of her plates, silverware and any nic nacs she needed to make her house a "home". So when I came of age, she got me one! it was definitely not something to give to a 12 year old because of the fact that it went through many years of hell! haha. Apart from the general wear and tear from life of a teenage girl, moving from place to place with it, and having a dog that wanted to chew on it. The veneer came off of some parts of it. :( it was very depressing really. Here are pictures of the chest! :)
 As you can see the top is all scratched up. Beautiful detail with the veneer but since its so old, its peeling like crazy! :( 
 Dont even ask me what that C shaped thing is! i somehow scratched it, oh wait! now that I think about it, that very well could be where I stuck a cotton ball with nail polish remover on it! :( Silly girls! ugh haha. As you can see, I'll have to sand it all down anyway because that one edge is kind of rough!
My favorite part of the whole thing!, this detail on the front is so adorable so I will definitely have to make it cleaner when I sand it. I want to preserve this as much as possible. As for the key hole, I'm going to research where I can get a new one because this didnt come with a key! its going to get all new hardware so I'm definitely going to have fun with it! :) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

AntiFashion Organics

If I weren't so much of a Pansy I'd totally stretch my ears just so that I could buy plugs from this shop.

I came across this shop when a friend of mine was over at my house talking about how she wanted to have "Hello Kitty Plugs".  Her ears are stretched to 1/2 inch.  Of course me being an Etsy freak, I decided to go on and stalk out some Hello Kitty plugs.  Low and behold the plugs I found were the cutest plugs ever! I wanted to keep them for myself!.  Okay so back to the story :) I emailed the shop first to see if they could ship them out the next day (because my friend wanted to wear them for her husbands homecoming*army*. Apparently he's in love with hello kitty... I didn't ask why... ha ha.) Anyway, They were quick to email back and totally understood that we needed these plugs because it was a state of emergency!---I totally went there!

Anyway here are the plugs! Apparently Etsy doesn't get rid of receipts :)
Seriously how darling are these?!

I was overall impressed with the quality and the quick shipping. The customer service was amazing also! I mean how many companies would be willing to ship them out next day? Most companies on Etsy are like okay, "we only ship our items on Monday's."  yes, I've been to an Etsy shop with this policy. Also, my friend was so pleased with these that she wanted more! (But knowing her she probably hasn't bought anything! haha.)

They offer plugs that range in various sizes and types. Wood and Resin. The wooden plugs are hand made by the shop owner, Rob Black. Here are samples of his work!

Here are samples of the Resin Plugs

I had to throw in the Avenged Sevenfold ones because I'm such a huge fan :) 

If you are interested in any of these products, they are very reasonably priced and very sanitary as well.  Plus if your new to everything they will give you all of the info on how to clean and take care of your plugs properly if you ask. 

Facebook page: AntiFashion Organics
I give them an A++.

By the way I also want to state that I only do reviews on products worth reviewing. That's why you will see a pattern that I am completely satisfied with the products.  Now if I come across a product that is totally poop then I'll definitely blog about it! :) I just wanted to get that out there. :)

Have fun shopping yall!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Addie Ladawn Jewelry

I had the pleasure of dealing with this company twice; Both times I fell in love with the products I had purchased.  The first product I had bought from Addie Ladawn's Etsy shop was a custom made Lady Death Cameo necklace. I had posted a picture of it in my previous post called "Vampire Monday".  But in case you haven't seen it, here it is!
I saw the cameo and fell in love.  So I had asked her if it was possible to put it in a locket, and make the chain 14 inches. And she did it with no problems at all! .  I love the feeling that my necklace is custom and that I had it specially made for me.  After that, I just kept stalking her Etsy shop and I finally broke down and bought cute petite rose studs! Well the package came in today!

So I open the package, and there is a cute black box with a ribbon around it, sadly I didn't get a picture of the package tied up... I was seriously like a little kid on Christmas morning ripping into it.
There was also a note that was in the package just saying thank you. Which is sweet because most business's just ship the packages with the packing invoice, that's it.  So it feels nice to get a thank you note! Definitely a way to keep having people come back to your shop.
(by the way super cute paper!)

Also included in the package was a business card.
Okay, so on to what I ordered.  I saved the best picture for last!  I had posted a link to the super cute earrings on my page, and had stated in the comment that I really wanted a pair of Light Blue ones next.  I ordered the Light Green.  When I opened the package and read the note that there was a "surprise" included. Now mind you I'm looking retarded as I open the package and say hmm... I don't see anything, haha. I unfold the paper (super cute !) and I see the pair of light blue rose studs that I wanted! Along with the light green ones of course! :)
I am in love, and I'm definitely going to be a returning shopper.  I want to thank Addie Ladawn for being so nice and caring to me! I love the quality of the products and they are just adorable.

If I had to say the only suggestion I'd make to her would be to include a packing slip or a receipt. But that's just because I'm a nerd who likes to store those things. It wouldn't really matter though because I do have a Paypal account that sends me one, but a hard copy is always nice to have :) (for those who don't own a printer, i myself do in fact own a printer...)

If you are interested in any of these products please check her out!

Facebook: Addie Ladawn

*I did not get paid to write this review and did not receive these items for free. I also gave my honest opinions on these products.*

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pocahontas Anyone?

If you have read my previous post about the wonderful feathers I had purchased, here is the follow up! :)

I bought rooster hackle the other day from a wonderful shop I found on  If you are interested in the feather fad and you want to make your own, check out their website here : or by going to their Etsy shop :BearyBox . 

I purchased a set of 12 feathers for 4.75 and shipping was 1.99.  I bought them June 3rd, and got an email on June 8th saying :

Order sent :D Thank you for your patience

You can also visit our website


Please allow 1 day to be updated online

(Insert USPS Code here haha)

Needless to say, shipping was super fast ( with a home based business I give them a week or so to ship it, They are usually one man show's so you gotta give them a chance).  I'd say based on the personal email I got telling me that my order had shipped, that is great customer service.  Most companies wont notify you personally, they will have a Paypal notification sent to you saying the status of your order is shipped.  

Overall I give them a superstitious seal of approval :)

Alright so on to the nitty gritty! YouTube a ton of videos on making feather earrings.  Seriously its that easy.  :D I know I'm kind of a YouTube nerd.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby and I bought earring findings, little hoops (to connect the feathers to the chain) and well chain.  I also picked up some cute sparrow's and the blue beads I had purchased a while back from Walmart.

I seriously wanted to go with a Pocahontas feel to these, I'm all for the colors of the wind and such. Haha. 

First things first! Detail.  

I'm in love with the bird.  I think it adds a nice touch.  I'm also sorry for the messiness of the wires.  I actually tried to make them look like that.  It looks more Indian(ish) to me.  Okay Okay its the "rugged" look. Alright onto the length and the whole earring.  Sorry for the picture of the actual earrings by the way!  I am using my blackberry at the moment for my pictures so bear with me until I can get a camera that I cant kill! 

I am in love with the Natural Grizzly Feathers!

You cant see it here, but at the end of the chain, I put another bead to give the earring more weight.  These earrings are so light!  I went with an earring back called a Kidney Wire.  Which by the way I might go back and get a different set, I love the style (because I feel like they wont fall out) but the ones I have right now don't seem sturdy enough.. 

All in all; I love them.  I'm so glad I talked myself into making my own.  I hope I inspire you to do the same! Plus jewelry making is such a fun hobby! And it saves you money! woop woop for saving money!

If your interested in Jewelry making, I know a very reputable site that will have every thing you will need!
Enjoy Lovelies! :D 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vampire Monday :)

I would like to share with you a shop who I've purchased from before,  She has some amazing listings and it just seems fitting to put lady death in this blog! 

I absolutely love this necklace (yes its my own picture).  I feel more seductive when I have on this locket, weird right? haha

Anyway, The shop owner had custom made this for me, the chain is 14 inches instead of 16 so it sits high up on my collar bone (gothic anyone?) and I am in love. . . wait did I already mention that? Maybe its because I love it so much! haha.  Anyway if you are interested in a similar necklace or any other jewelry (she doesn't just do steampunk/gothic ) then check out her shop here at : Addie Ladawn.

Alright moving on!  Okay so have you ever came across something (for you sewers out there!) that your looking at it and say to yourself... " I could totally make that hmm..." then you take a bunch of screen shots of the item and try it yourself? Yeah, I'm so going to do that with this next item!  I found this shrug while stalking people on etsy and I fell in love! The back personally I feel like it should be a bigger ribbon than what she has made it with, but overall I give it a Superstitious <3.  

Now tell me that this isnt the cutest shrug you've ever seen?! Okay, so for those of you that arent as into making your own things then here is a link to the shop where I took this photo from.  By the way, this shrug (without the flowers) is 38 dollars.  Made of taffeta; which I happen to love taffeta.  haha.  Anyway here is the link! : Vasini <3.  

Alright, I cant just do a little blog without including a makeup product, After all I do have a beauty page and this blog is mainly for reviews.  

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mineral Maven over the course of well. I dont even know how many months but to be honest, she has some of the best makeup I've ever used.  I had the pleasure of purchasing this shade of eye shadow from Mineral Maven when she had a sale going.  I have yet to receive it (she shipped it today yay! :D ) but when I do, which it should be here by Friday (double yay!) I will be doing a review on her company as a whole.  How exciting is that!

Drum roll please! So last but not least! The best for last! Mystery X ! :D I am in LOVE with this shade of purple.  Its a deep purple, and well its so gorgeous. As far as I can tell this shade has a huge amount of sparkle, which to me, the more sparkle you have, the better off you are in life :)

Ah! Its so pretty! 

So, if you get all 3 things, you are set on your way to being in vampire heaven :D 

If you would like to visit her shop, here is the link to do so! She has other amazing colors to choose from too if you don't do the dark look :D

Miss Maven

Hope you all enjoyed this lovelies! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rockeresque Beauty Co. Part 2 :)

Ok so I decided to do a more in depth review on their products.  I still give them a raving 5 stars!

Ok so first of all.  I had the pleasure of buying their sample set which comes with 14 of their colors (trust me ladies they have more than 14. I asked why they only have 14 up and they replied with:

 "We include a free sample with every order, so Locket was your free sample :) We have 50 loose eye shadow colors already made and in large batches, but we felt that for opening we would start with 14 so to not be too overwhelming. We will come out with more colors little by little over the next few months".

To me, that comment is the smartest thing for a company to say. I mean, this company has a smart business tactic going on if I do say so myself! :D

Anyway, so after being so impatient (more like a day later after ordering the sample set) I decided to go out on a whim and buy while they were having a huge 24 hr sale!  I bought :

Platinum Blonde
Heavy Metal

And a sample of Broken Teeth :)  All are properly labeled in the picture below. 

I also didnt use any base or primer in this! My aunt is here on vacation and while she looked them over, she was so surprised on how pigmented these were.

All of the colors are in 5 gram jars which I do have to say that they are so packed full with product its definitely worth the money!

I would have to say that I'm so impressed with the way they blend, and how smooth the pigment is, I wore XOXO, Heavy Metal, and Platinum Blonde for an eye look the other day and it was such a hit!

Ok Ok I have a funny face. but whatever haha.  

Anyway, As you can see. AMAZING!  

NOW onto the packaging!  They came snug in a cute little box in cute purple tissue paper :)  With another button! and a business card!.  Trust me the suspense was killing me to get this package! which by the way, the shipping was so fast!

Now I'm a very picky person about packaging.  Their labels are adorable.  And I'm impressed with the quality of the packaging also.  Did I mention that they come with sifters? (And stickers over the holes to keep the goods safe and secure during shipping).

Another thing that intrigued me was their business card.  Of course it had the Rockeresque Beauty Co.  logo on it but it also had this super chic girl on the other side stating that they were "Vegan with an edge <3".  Now If your like me, you love hot colors and bold looks and this business card alone put all of that together as one super hot ad. Not to mention I want those arm warmers!

This whole review probably wasnt needed because I already gave one with the sample set previously but I felt like I needed to rave about them again!

So all in all. . . My verdict is they ARE amazing.  I am definitely going to order from them again, I cant wait to see other colors that they are going to be offering! 

If you are interested in any of these products here is their website!  they offer 5 dollar shipping!

Happy Shopping ladies! :)

I am in no part associated with this company and I'm not getting paid to write anything for them/about them.  I am saying these things on my own experiences/opinions/love :)