Monday, May 23, 2011

Rockeresque Beauty Co.

Now as of most of you know, I love love love using independent companies that usually come off of or just found out through the grape vine from friends :)

I had come across Rockeresque Beauty Co. through StellaStarish :) (LOVE HER!)

Anyway so I went and purchased the sample set which came with 15 colors :)  I swatched these under my Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Now Starting from One, here are the names :

1. Platinum Blonde
2. Chicklet
3. Locket
4. Hollywood
5. Toxicity
6. Peppermint Gummybear
7. Little Lamb
8. Pudding Pop
9. Gingerbread Cookie
10. Schoolyard Crush
11. XOXO
12. Ursula
13. Heavy Metal
14. Lower East Side
15. Dead as Night

Now, I had the pleasure of buying when they had a 24 hour sale going so I got : 

1. Platinum Blonde
2. Chicklet
4. Hollywood
12. Ursula
13. Heavy Metal

I was just so impressed with the prices and everything that I had to!  

For the sample set I paid 18 with shipping and for the 5 shade deal I paid 27.50. :D

Here is how the samples come packaged!

They also included a little pin that I happen to find seriously awesome! 

Also says on the side. (I would have to say that its way better than a business card!)

I really don't know how to do reviews, I just have to say that the makeup quality is perfect.  It glides on smoothly with no clumping,  and the sparkle factor is well. perfect.  not too sparkly and not too matte.  I give them a 5 star rating on my spectrum.  I will be ordering from them again! 

By the way, all of their products are Vegan :)  

Here is what they posted on their website.

"This loose eye shadow is packaged in a 5 gram container which holds a net weight of approximately 1.2 grams of product. 
Containers come with an easy to remove sealed sifter. 
Loose eyeshadows are measured by weight, not volume.
Ingredients: Mica 77019 , Titanium Dioxide 77891, Tin Oxide 778161, Magnesium Stearate 557-04-0, Carnauba Wax
All Rockeresque Beauty Company Cosmetics are Vegan and Cruelty-Free."
-Rockeresque Beauty Company.  
All in all.  I recommend this company.  They have a Facebook page and any questions you have (if they aren't on the website) they will be glad to answer them for you.  Customer service was super easy and sweet as can be.  
Also if you sign up for their Membership then you will get special incentive offers :)
Anyway if there is anything that you guys would like to know about this company or about any of the products that I have received (of course paid for by me) from Rockeresque Beauty Co.  Please just contact me on my Facebook page :)  Superstitious Beauty 

Thanks Dolls!


  1. great review Amber! Thanks for this, I've been checking them out for a bit but was unsure whether to buy or not...this nudges me over into the "buy" category lol!