Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rockeresque Beauty Co. Part 2 :)

Ok so I decided to do a more in depth review on their products.  I still give them a raving 5 stars!

Ok so first of all.  I had the pleasure of buying their sample set which comes with 14 of their colors (trust me ladies they have more than 14. I asked why they only have 14 up and they replied with:

 "We include a free sample with every order, so Locket was your free sample :) We have 50 loose eye shadow colors already made and in large batches, but we felt that for opening we would start with 14 so to not be too overwhelming. We will come out with more colors little by little over the next few months".

To me, that comment is the smartest thing for a company to say. I mean, this company has a smart business tactic going on if I do say so myself! :D

Anyway, so after being so impatient (more like a day later after ordering the sample set) I decided to go out on a whim and buy while they were having a huge 24 hr sale!  I bought :

Platinum Blonde
Heavy Metal

And a sample of Broken Teeth :)  All are properly labeled in the picture below. 

I also didnt use any base or primer in this! My aunt is here on vacation and while she looked them over, she was so surprised on how pigmented these were.

All of the colors are in 5 gram jars which I do have to say that they are so packed full with product its definitely worth the money!

I would have to say that I'm so impressed with the way they blend, and how smooth the pigment is, I wore XOXO, Heavy Metal, and Platinum Blonde for an eye look the other day and it was such a hit!

Ok Ok I have a funny face. but whatever haha.  

Anyway, As you can see. AMAZING!  

NOW onto the packaging!  They came snug in a cute little box in cute purple tissue paper :)  With another button! and a business card!.  Trust me the suspense was killing me to get this package! which by the way, the shipping was so fast!

Now I'm a very picky person about packaging.  Their labels are adorable.  And I'm impressed with the quality of the packaging also.  Did I mention that they come with sifters? (And stickers over the holes to keep the goods safe and secure during shipping).

Another thing that intrigued me was their business card.  Of course it had the Rockeresque Beauty Co.  logo on it but it also had this super chic girl on the other side stating that they were "Vegan with an edge <3".  Now If your like me, you love hot colors and bold looks and this business card alone put all of that together as one super hot ad. Not to mention I want those arm warmers!

This whole review probably wasnt needed because I already gave one with the sample set previously but I felt like I needed to rave about them again!

So all in all. . . My verdict is they ARE amazing.  I am definitely going to order from them again, I cant wait to see other colors that they are going to be offering! 

If you are interested in any of these products here is their website!  they offer 5 dollar shipping!

Happy Shopping ladies! :)

I am in no part associated with this company and I'm not getting paid to write anything for them/about them.  I am saying these things on my own experiences/opinions/love :)

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