Monday, June 13, 2011

Vampire Monday :)

I would like to share with you a shop who I've purchased from before,  She has some amazing listings and it just seems fitting to put lady death in this blog! 

I absolutely love this necklace (yes its my own picture).  I feel more seductive when I have on this locket, weird right? haha

Anyway, The shop owner had custom made this for me, the chain is 14 inches instead of 16 so it sits high up on my collar bone (gothic anyone?) and I am in love. . . wait did I already mention that? Maybe its because I love it so much! haha.  Anyway if you are interested in a similar necklace or any other jewelry (she doesn't just do steampunk/gothic ) then check out her shop here at : Addie Ladawn.

Alright moving on!  Okay so have you ever came across something (for you sewers out there!) that your looking at it and say to yourself... " I could totally make that hmm..." then you take a bunch of screen shots of the item and try it yourself? Yeah, I'm so going to do that with this next item!  I found this shrug while stalking people on etsy and I fell in love! The back personally I feel like it should be a bigger ribbon than what she has made it with, but overall I give it a Superstitious <3.  

Now tell me that this isnt the cutest shrug you've ever seen?! Okay, so for those of you that arent as into making your own things then here is a link to the shop where I took this photo from.  By the way, this shrug (without the flowers) is 38 dollars.  Made of taffeta; which I happen to love taffeta.  haha.  Anyway here is the link! : Vasini <3.  

Alright, I cant just do a little blog without including a makeup product, After all I do have a beauty page and this blog is mainly for reviews.  

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mineral Maven over the course of well. I dont even know how many months but to be honest, she has some of the best makeup I've ever used.  I had the pleasure of purchasing this shade of eye shadow from Mineral Maven when she had a sale going.  I have yet to receive it (she shipped it today yay! :D ) but when I do, which it should be here by Friday (double yay!) I will be doing a review on her company as a whole.  How exciting is that!

Drum roll please! So last but not least! The best for last! Mystery X ! :D I am in LOVE with this shade of purple.  Its a deep purple, and well its so gorgeous. As far as I can tell this shade has a huge amount of sparkle, which to me, the more sparkle you have, the better off you are in life :)

Ah! Its so pretty! 

So, if you get all 3 things, you are set on your way to being in vampire heaven :D 

If you would like to visit her shop, here is the link to do so! She has other amazing colors to choose from too if you don't do the dark look :D

Miss Maven

Hope you all enjoyed this lovelies! 

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