Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Addie Ladawn Jewelry

I had the pleasure of dealing with this company twice; Both times I fell in love with the products I had purchased.  The first product I had bought from Addie Ladawn's Etsy shop was a custom made Lady Death Cameo necklace. I had posted a picture of it in my previous post called "Vampire Monday".  But in case you haven't seen it, here it is!
I saw the cameo and fell in love.  So I had asked her if it was possible to put it in a locket, and make the chain 14 inches. And she did it with no problems at all! .  I love the feeling that my necklace is custom and that I had it specially made for me.  After that, I just kept stalking her Etsy shop and I finally broke down and bought cute petite rose studs! Well the package came in today!

So I open the package, and there is a cute black box with a ribbon around it, sadly I didn't get a picture of the package tied up... I was seriously like a little kid on Christmas morning ripping into it.
There was also a note that was in the package just saying thank you. Which is sweet because most business's just ship the packages with the packing invoice, that's it.  So it feels nice to get a thank you note! Definitely a way to keep having people come back to your shop.
(by the way super cute paper!)

Also included in the package was a business card.
Okay, so on to what I ordered.  I saved the best picture for last!  I had posted a link to the super cute earrings on my page, and had stated in the comment that I really wanted a pair of Light Blue ones next.  I ordered the Light Green.  When I opened the package and read the note that there was a "surprise" included. Now mind you I'm looking retarded as I open the package and say hmm... I don't see anything, haha. I unfold the paper (super cute !) and I see the pair of light blue rose studs that I wanted! Along with the light green ones of course! :)
I am in love, and I'm definitely going to be a returning shopper.  I want to thank Addie Ladawn for being so nice and caring to me! I love the quality of the products and they are just adorable.

If I had to say the only suggestion I'd make to her would be to include a packing slip or a receipt. But that's just because I'm a nerd who likes to store those things. It wouldn't really matter though because I do have a Paypal account that sends me one, but a hard copy is always nice to have :) (for those who don't own a printer, i myself do in fact own a printer...)

If you are interested in any of these products please check her out!

Facebook: Addie Ladawn

*I did not get paid to write this review and did not receive these items for free. I also gave my honest opinions on these products.*

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