Thursday, June 23, 2011

AntiFashion Organics

If I weren't so much of a Pansy I'd totally stretch my ears just so that I could buy plugs from this shop.

I came across this shop when a friend of mine was over at my house talking about how she wanted to have "Hello Kitty Plugs".  Her ears are stretched to 1/2 inch.  Of course me being an Etsy freak, I decided to go on and stalk out some Hello Kitty plugs.  Low and behold the plugs I found were the cutest plugs ever! I wanted to keep them for myself!.  Okay so back to the story :) I emailed the shop first to see if they could ship them out the next day (because my friend wanted to wear them for her husbands homecoming*army*. Apparently he's in love with hello kitty... I didn't ask why... ha ha.) Anyway, They were quick to email back and totally understood that we needed these plugs because it was a state of emergency!---I totally went there!

Anyway here are the plugs! Apparently Etsy doesn't get rid of receipts :)
Seriously how darling are these?!

I was overall impressed with the quality and the quick shipping. The customer service was amazing also! I mean how many companies would be willing to ship them out next day? Most companies on Etsy are like okay, "we only ship our items on Monday's."  yes, I've been to an Etsy shop with this policy. Also, my friend was so pleased with these that she wanted more! (But knowing her she probably hasn't bought anything! haha.)

They offer plugs that range in various sizes and types. Wood and Resin. The wooden plugs are hand made by the shop owner, Rob Black. Here are samples of his work!

Here are samples of the Resin Plugs

I had to throw in the Avenged Sevenfold ones because I'm such a huge fan :) 

If you are interested in any of these products, they are very reasonably priced and very sanitary as well.  Plus if your new to everything they will give you all of the info on how to clean and take care of your plugs properly if you ask. 

Facebook page: AntiFashion Organics
I give them an A++.

By the way I also want to state that I only do reviews on products worth reviewing. That's why you will see a pattern that I am completely satisfied with the products.  Now if I come across a product that is totally poop then I'll definitely blog about it! :) I just wanted to get that out there. :)

Have fun shopping yall!

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